Thursday, 11 October 2007

Back in the swing of things

Sorry I haven't been posting over the summer - I wanted to keep this blog relatively focused on law and legal issues and as I've been off enjoying the carefree and hedonistic life of a student over summer vacation (please note there is a smidgen of sarcasm in the above) I haven't updated (actually I was busy getting fitness industry qualifications and being temporarily homeless).

So, university has restarted and I've already used up a small forest's worth of paper in printouts. It's odd how some classes are so heavy with reading and others less so, yet they generally all boil down to a three hour exam at the end of the year. In case you're wondering, this year's options are International Protection of Human Rights, Jurisprudence (compulsory), Intellectual Property Law and Competition Law. I decided that Advanced Torts wasn't really going to add anything and doing an outside option was a bit of a cop-out.

I got called for jury service over the summer - as did a lot of people I know, oddly, but they seem to have lost track of me seeing as I moved over the summer and am now in a different electoral district. The system doesn't seem very well suited to dealing with transient people like students; it's odd that they haven't taken steps to doing some sort of Internet-based response rather than getting you to mail the form back to them. I asked for a deferral but didn't hear anything back (I think because I moved and not all the mail got forwarded) - probably I should chase that up. Perhaps there is a warrant for my arrest out this very second (!!).

I'm busy putting together a team for an external moot right now - the same one as I did last year - and am holding tryouts next week. I've given the poor sods a little "assignment" - doesn't seem to have put anybody off as I have about 12 people interested in 3 places in the team. I'll probably post more about this as the team develops - not too much as it'll probably violate the anonymity rule if I do - but just general stuff about mooting.

Anyway, that's the catchup, I'll get back to writing something of substance in the coming days and weeks.

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