Monday, 30 July 2007

Course choices

I should be making next year's course choices round about now. I'm not sure how important these really are in terms of future employment; I guess it's helpful to have a demonstrable interest in a certain area of the law if you hope to go on and practice it, but given that most chambers tend to discourage early specialisation I doubt it helps to go in with blinkers on.

I still have one compulsory element to complete, which is Jurisprudence, and which I am really looking forward to as I tend to enjoy the theoretical stuff. I'm flirting with the idea of an outside option - Gender and Society - I'm planning on hitting up the human rights chambers so I don't think it will be too difficult if I'm asked why I took this course rather than a Law option. Helena Kennedy thought it was important, anyway (Eve was Framed is an excellent book and one which I highly recommend reading).

As for the rest? One definite is International Protection of Human Rights. The fourth is the one I'm undecided on - choices are Advanced Torts, Commercial Contracts or Competition Law. Advanced Torts is the one which is the most immediately appealing to me, but I probably shouldn't choose courses on their gore and drama potential. There is also the consideration that I would like a decent clutch of firsts next year and don't want to choose courses which will make that tricky. Conundrum!


lawyer-2-be said...

Welcome! Thanks for the link - I have reciprocated... L2B :-)

Anonymous said...

Hiya WO,

Whilst the issue of Gender has most definately impacted Human Rights, I'm not too sure I'd go for it as a topic in my final year; is there a complimentary course existing alongside international protection of human rights on the UK front? If there is and you haven't taken it I wonder if it would be a better idea.
Having said all of this if Gender and Society is a course that makes your final year easier and adds to your clutch of firsts then go for it ( You want a stress free a year as possible!!)
I took Competition in my final year, along with Intellectual Property; it is a demanding, but interesting and rewarding course
Jurisprudence was compulsory in my first year - it's eather a subject you really really like or really really hate- there seems to be no middle ground!
Either way, good luck with your choices!
I've added a link to your blog from mine.

the blank slate said...

Law Minx, there was also Civil Liberties and Human Rights but the course filled up before I was even able to choose my options. I wouldn't have taken two HR related courses anyway, I don't think. Thanks for the link :)